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Written by Billie Taylor   
Friday, 19 November 2010 17:40



Billie will post the flyer on the website so people can print

Big Tarp Banners for buildings

Powerfist/Soldering iron logo

Coyt will work on this and try to have it prepared for next meeting.

A-Frame signs


Balloon or black trash bags floating (for winter)

PowerPoint about who we are


Alex’s groups

Work together but individuals volunteer for specific parts


Expo Budget-$1476

Main Budget-$1050

Other Account-$705


Expo Logo- it has been reported

Alex’s statement

Google Ads


USF Stampede to Success-Saturday (tomorrow) might not be worth our time


Clean trailer

Organize inside, clean up and reinstall doors outside

X-labs banner on trailer


LED throwies

Fog machine

Laser show?


Table for small demos (microcontrollers)


Powerpoint projects

Fusor: buy seal kit for vacuum pump and test fusor

Small Tesla: buy cart? –rewire

Ferrofluid: obtain metal and cut- wind magnet

Jacob’s Ladder: ok

Mot Stack-improve safety

Cap Bank: build coil gun and test ring launcher

Lifter: build!

Big Tesla

Finalize design

Keven and Billie will pick up the form Monday and two flush mounts

Order: caps, wire, secondary form



Finalize a basic system for the first deep test

Perfboard, PCB, or Spark fun Data Logger? We want a premade board if possible.

Sensors: Temp, Light, Accelerometer, Pressure,…?

Order basic parts

We need to find a way to activate the transmitter once it surfaces.

Satellite tracking? Steve knows a guy who has a tracking company. He’d be willing to help at a discount in exchange for free publicity.

Alex needs to research how whales are tracked.

Weight release system

Video of test day

Design good version in CAD-Steven

Collect parts and build

Payload design


Newly proposed projects

Joe’s trebuchet

Indika’s satellite thing

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Written by Billie Taylor   
Friday, 12 November 2010 16:54


Weight release system a big success! Next step, deeper tests and design in metal.

Branch of into new channels of development.

Arm between weights and wings should be as long as possible to keep the probe from being overturned by currents.

Possibly use corrugated aluminum siding for the wings; diesel might not be the best for compressibility, so epoxy will be the buoyant liquid in the payload.

Release system: ?

Payload system: Indica (head of electronics)

Big Tesla Coil

Joe has found a source for the form. We need to purchase it.

We will put this on the Expo budget.

We need to find the parts online to facilitate with buying the items.



We need to get a seal kit to fix the vacuum pump for a fusor

We also need to fix the lifter.

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Written by Billie Taylor   
Monday, 08 November 2010 13:37

It appears that the minutes are not posting properly to the front page of the website. However, if you click on the appropriate link to the right you should get the right minutes. Sorry about that, but I'll keep trying to figure it out.

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Written by Billie Taylor   
Monday, 08 November 2010 13:33

Hi, everyone! It appears that the minutes from our last meeting didn't post properly, so here they are again.


Ongoing Projects (not including Y-1)

Alex will send out an e-mail with everyone’s e-mail address so that Joe can send out the ham radio circular.

The date is November 13th.

Billie and Joe will meet to discuss the large Tesla coil.

Billie will see about getting a cell phone; if not, maybe a phone to be used specifically for projects.


Canoes aren’t currently being rented, so we need to call Joe Smith to see if they will “donate” a canoe. If not, we can rent canoes at KP hole about a mile away for $8-9 a day.

We need to bring tools.

We will be testing Y-1 in Rainbow Springs (exit 341) next Thursday, Veteran’s Day. We have permission, so ROAD TRIP!

Need drivers, food, a metal ring, a float (2 liter), and a camera. Alex will bring a grill.

Will arrive on campus around 9 AM and be leaving about 10 AM.


Shirts are ready to be ordered. Right now the price is $15, but we can see if another company will do it for less.

Alex has come up with a declaration.

We need flyers! Printing party after the meeting.


Big success!

For future Halloween parties, we need to do more planning! Dry ice, black balloons to pop, strobe light with glow-in-the-dark paint.


We have our budget. We need to start ordering parts.


Vacuum pump is not functioning. Joe will drain the oil and replace it with pump oil. If the oil isn’t the problem, then the pump is finished.

We will try to service the seals to see if it will still work.

LED throwies to hand out

Michael will prepare music for the event.

Coyt will bring a plasma speaker.

Keven needs a list of parts to start ordering. General descriptions with several specific possibilities are ideal.

Seal kit for fusor vacuum pump; feedthrough may be fine.

Tesla coil needs replacement wiring and cart. Coyt will work on this.

Ferrofluid needs steel spiral. The engineering metal shop will be able to make it

Coil gun needs barrel. Alex will work on it.

Last Updated on Monday, 08 November 2010 13:36
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Written by Billie Taylor   
Monday, 08 November 2010 13:32

Hi, everyone!

In case you didn't get the e-mail, Joe has news about the vacuum pump.

"I went to NREC this morning to do a final check on the X-Labs vacuum
pump (the pump we use to make the fusor demo work). It was pronounced
dead on the scene. The consensus is that it needs a seal rebuild kit.
The very nice people at NREC have allowed us to use one of their pumps
for test/demo purposes."

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