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Sunday, 03 September 2000 02:23

X4 is the fourth high altitude balloon project that X-Labs is designing and building. X4 will not just be a high altitude balloon, but a full fledged UAV capable of flying home from a trip to near space! 

The goal is to use a weather balloon to carry a small UAV to 100,000 feet (near space) and then release the UAV. The UAV will collect various environmental measurements such as temperature, humidity, gas levels, etc during it's trip. It will also be equipped with a video camera recording in High Definition as well as a live video feed to the ground. From a base station on the ground, X-Labs members will be able to fly the UAV home from wherever the balloon may take it. 

The specifics of the X4 High Altitude UAV will be documented on this site. If we succeed, X-Labs will be the first amateur club to fly a remote control aircraft home from space and retrieve HD video! 

This is the X4 system diagram: 

This is the X4 ground station diagram:

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