Minutes from the 1/14 meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Taylor   
Friday, 14 January 2011 20:59

General things to do

Clean trailer

Take recyclables

Elections (after Expo)

Keven will buy the vacuum pump and the small cart

New project: cheap UAV to take a payload a couple hundred miles

Built an RC kite


One month and counting

February 18-19 in big conference room in the Cutter building

General things we need/want

Music (techno, something with a beat) to play on plasma speakers

Speakers and microphone

Projectors and demo videos on Youtube

LED throwies (100-200)

A-frame signs (hurricane strap and plywood)

T-shirts to sell

Handouts (maybe a brochure about X-labs history, demos, etc.)


Jacob’s ladder

Small Tesla coil (need the new cart)

Maybe display the big Tesla

Mot stacks (need a few improvements, like safety)

Lifter (needs to be built)

Fusor (power supply needs work, also needs to be tested)

Cap bank (needs to be tested, Coyt will build a coil gun, Alejandro might bring his)

Ferrofluid demo (maybe use random stuff, plastic plate with magnet on back, want a spike)

Plasma speaker

Lasers (Alejandro will put together a laser show)

Catapult/trebuchet (Emily and Joshua)

Hands-on demos (microcontrollers, homopolar motors, graphite light bulb, floating ball)

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Minutes from the 12/10 meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Taylor   
Friday, 10 December 2010 17:21

Things to do over the break

Major trailer cleaning

Two days for projects

Small Tesla

Build electrostatic lifter

Test the fusor

Big Tesla

Need to find capacitors

Need to wind secondary coil

Go to the junkyard seen on the way to test Y1

Ideas for demos

Levitating ball

Jedi mind-force ball (courtesy of Joe)

Catapult or trebuchet

Phone book friction pull

Meeting 12/3/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Coyt Barringer   
Friday, 03 December 2010 22:31

Today we had a very productive X-labs meeting. We made a list of items that need to be accomplished before the end of Christmas Break, a list of items to purchase, and we talked some about the big Tesla Coil. If you haven't heard, X-Labs has new t-shirts thanks to Joe Register! These shirts cost $15 each, so bring money to the next meeting if you would like one. X-Labs has also decided to have elections for officer positions upon the return of Christmas Break. 

Regarding the Big Tesla Coil, we now have an 8ft by 1ft piece of PVC pipe and over a mile of 20AWG wire to make our secondary! We are also in the process of acquiring parts for a rotary spark gap and purchasing the needed pulse capacitors. 

Please see the meeting minutes for more details below:



We need to put up flyers. Billie needs to send the flyer to Coyt so that it can be properly posted and made available.

A-frame signs need to be made to put up around campus. We need to set a day to make them.


We need to clean up.



Test the fusor and capacitor bank.

Mot stacks need to be reassembled and reinsulated.

Lifter needs to be built.

Things we need to orders

Caps for the Tesla

Seal kit for the vacuum pump

Coyt will get a  cart for the small Tesla.

Tesla Coil

We have the wire, and Alex has found someone who is willing to wind the wire for us.

The lathe probably won’t fit, so we probably will end up winding it by hand.

TAW has offered to put a high-voltage coating on our Tesla after we wind it.

Alejandro has a fiberglass disk to use for the rotary spark gap.

Billie will look into whether PVC can be lacquered.


We are looking for a new captain for the payload team.

Club business

We will hold elections for officer positions at the beginning of next spring.

Order list

Caps (x5)

Seal kit for the vacuum pump

Tungsten rods

A/V cart for small Tesla

Stuff to find



CRT-no standby

Work to be done over the break

Clean trailer, hang  doors and X-labs sign, and pressure wash the trailer

Wind the secondary coil

Build lifter, test fusor and cap bank

Build A-frame signs, set up  the little Tesla, mot stacks,

We should look into SGA about A-frame signs available


Last, our new logo:


Coyt Barringer 

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X-Labs Poster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 03 December 2010 21:54

This is the X-Labs poster designed by Billie Taylor. If you have time and are near a printer, please print some out and post them up around USF. This Poster is now permanently under the new Misc. menu item under the main menu. You should always be able to find general documents under the Misc. section from now on. 

X-Labs Poster

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Update for Team Bzzzt (The Big Tesla Coil) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Billie Taylor   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 01:33

First and foremost, I need to know who is ready to make a definite commitment to this project. Kris has already confirmed he will be working on this, and I know Mark and Karen have expressed interest in joining. I need everyone who wishes to work on this to e-mail me (preferably by Friday) so that I know who my team is. For those who do not want to work on my team, I strongly encourage you to join one of the teams working on the Y1 project. It is very difficult to make a team effort if there isn't an established team.

Right now we are acquiring the parts. We have the form for the secondary coil, the capacitors, and also the pole pig transformer for our power supply. Next on the list is the wire and a flange or flush mount to set the form upright. I need team members to research prices in the area for these. We need 6306 feet of 20 gauge wire for the secondary and a flange/flush mount for a pipe of diameter 12-12.5 inches. I will measure the pipe to get the exact value for this. Please send me any information you would deem useful and I will try to have a list of suppliers for the wire and flange compiled in time for Friday's meeting. From there we will decide where and when to acquire these parts. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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