The Plane is Assembled! Print
Written by Coyt Barringer   
Thursday, 11 August 2011 19:07

About three weeks ago, we assembled the majority of the Skywalker airframe. A regular RC system is currently setup (Battery, ESC, Receiver, Motor, Servos). The on board video system is also built and working; this includes the GoPro, EazyOSD, and Video Transmitter. The Autopilot is not setup yet. 

Here are some pictures of the build and the finished plane:

The two images below show the packing tape hinge method we used on all of the control surface hinges.

Below is the test video receiver setup showing the live video feed and overlay from the on screen display (OSD). 


I honestly have no idea why Joe decided to take my picture sideways... when I asked he said it was a photography thing                              -____-

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